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R E B R A N D :  F L O W  J O U R N A L  A P P
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Refresh user experience and interface drawing inspiration from asian culture, current design trends and the wellness industry.

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User Interviews

Five individuals were interviewed, each from different industries including Product management, martial arts and scientific research. Our purpose was to research wellness issues in the asian community.

Some of the questions we asked were:

  1. What does self-discovery mean to you?

  2. What motivates you to better yourself?

  3. What frustrations do you experience being a POC?

  4. Tell us about your relationship with your parents.


  1. Incentive driven wellness promotes consistency of use

  2. Trust of wellness professionals important for credibility 

  3. Abundance of deep trauma from parenting methods in asian community

  4. Young professionals do not devote enough time to practice mindfulness

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The colour palette was developed through the context of imagining the individuals we had interviewed in the thick of their busiest work days, each having scheduled time for themselves after work, to meditate in a wellness studio (think Hoame studio in Toronto). They each finish their shift and gather in a studio.


I visualize what each of their senses are experiencing upon the first moments in this room. Before the lights are turned off, we see plants lining the sides of the room, with new growth--the colour of a vibrant green. The lights go out and it is dark, only lit by small, star-like lights on the ceiling, to mimic the night sky. There is ambient sound playing, that of crashing blue waves and there is a healing lavender mist that fills the room. Jade was also incorporated into the palette as a prominent symbol of health in the asian community.

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A font face with long lines and flowing elements were recommended for readability and adding a modern touch.

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User friendly illustrations, rounded corners and translucent elements
and iconography are considered for a soft and light visual experience.

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User Persona

Our aim is to build Flow Journal for individuals like Xanthe, a young modern POC navigating her career and life, while dealing with the long term effects of strict parenting, harsh expectations and her experiences and challenges as a person of colour.

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